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Blue Canoe – Coming to a shoreline near you!

Blue Canoe – Coming to a shoreline near you!

Bobcaygeon Homes for sale - Bobcaygeon Real Estate

Sturgeon Lake Bobcaygeon

Landowners along the shorelines of lakes within the City of Kawartha Lakes should keep an eye on the waters for the Blue Canoe team again this year, out for our third season!

Stewardship staff are traveling by canoe from dock to dock when weather permits, or door to door by foot, and attending local events and lake association meetings. They will be out on Balsam, Cameron, Pigeon, and Sturgeon lakes again this year, along with three new lakes that include Canal, Four Mile, and Mitchell lakes.

As the Blue Canoe team paddles across the Kawartha Lakes they are taking an important message; that you can protect water quality and contribute to the long-term health of your lake by following some easy property maintenance practices. During the visit, they will help you identify opportunities for preventing shoreline erosion, limiting aquatic weed and blue-green algae growth in the water, deterring Canada geese, and reducing E.coli in the nearshore water, among other issues you may be experiencing. They will also offer information about lake management planning.

“Meeting with our team is an opportunity to talk about the issues that are important to you, and get information on what you can do on your own property to help protect the lake!”

Since the launch of the program in 2012, the Blue Canoe Program has connected with more than 2,500 shoreline residents and cottagers in the Kawarthas through property visits, dock talks, and community events. This summer, they will visit many more, while following up with some of the people contacted during the previous seasons to provide further suggestions and technical support where needed.

To find out where the Blue Canoe is going next, go to the calendar at Approximate dates and locations are posted two weeks ahead of time. If the timing is not convenient, an appointment can be made by contacting Kawartha Conservation at 705.328.2271 ext. 238 or

Bobcaygeon – Real Estate, Cottages, Homes and Land

Bobcaygeon Real Estate

Bobcaygeon Real Estate

Bobcaygeon – Real Estate, Cottages, Homes and Land

Welcome to Bobcaygeon!.

Bobcaygeon is a preferred destination for waterfront second home buyers and those retiring and leaving the city behind for good. Bobcaygeon village offers beautiful Port 32 homes set on the shores of Pigeon Lake.  The Bobcaygeon area boasts numerous water front communities such as Victoria Place, Lakeview Estates, Pirates Glen and Alpine Village. Retreat properties, cottages, in-town homes and land. We have property, homes and amenities to satisfy budgets large and small.  The Kawartha Lakes: home of over 250 lakes is renowned for its many parks, trails, lakes and rivers.  Add Bobcaygeon and the Kawartha Lakes to your short list of destinations to consider when contemplating a retirement or vacation property…….via Bobcaygeon – Real Estate, Cottages, Homes and Land.

Locks at Bobcaygeon

Locks at Bobcaygeon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Kawartha Lakes Real Estate Market Conditions – BRAD NELSON

Kawartha Lakes Real Estate Market Conditions

Kawartha Lakes Real Estate Market Place

Kawartha Lakes Real Estate Market Place

Why the Kawartha Lakes Real Estate market heats up as the weather cools.

No one wants summer to end but the up side is that the busy fall Kawartha Lakes real estate market heats up.

July and August are busy in the Kawartha Lakes with visitors from all over the world making the Kawartha Lakes their holiday destination. With the hectic nature of unplanned summer activities and even planned activities, the search for real estate gets put on the back burner in favour of family fun.

All that is about to change: Every year, on the day after Labour Day, the Kawartha Lakes real-estate market explodes like clockwork. Home Buyers revisit the Kawartha Lakes to view the communities at a more relaxed pace. The fall colours, cooler temperatures and relaxed pace of life enjoyed by Kawartha Lakes Residents can be seen and enjoyed by those considering retiring to the Kawartha Lakes.

The fall boom is very much a chicken-egg situation: Buyers don’t get down to business until the listings are in abundance, but sellers don’t list their properties until the buyers start looking.

So what does this mean for the fall market? There’s more choice, for one. Buyers could come across multiple suitable properties that satisfy their search criteria. In some instances “deals” can be found as properties that have not been picked up in-season are reduced in the quest to find a buyer. Cottage owners may have decided to use the cottage for one last summer and enter the fall market new and fresh. Prepare to be in a competitive market place for these first time listed family gems. Fall price reductions on older inventory can spark competition from the many potential buyers that saw the property over the summer but did not feel it was priced competitively at the time.

You’d be naive to think that when a Kawartha Lakes home or cottage within your price range hits the market, that you’re the only person who’s going to stumble on the deal and submit an offer. By readying yourself for a competitive market now, you won’t be disappointed later.

Doing your property homework in advance and learning about the Kawartha Lakes is the first step towards making your cottage or retirement dreams come true. Many of my past clients began exploring the villages and towns in the area with day trips to the area. Checking out the neighbourhoods like Victoria Place and Port 32. Making note of the styles of homes you like, the locations of parks and points of interest, proximity to retail, and other important family and health considerations is essential to making an informed decision.

Market predictions for the fall: The fall will be the same as this past spring—we’ll see competition for quality family homes, and waterfront properties. I expect that prices will continue to rise. I wish climbing costs weren’t the case, but they will be as long as the Kawartha Lakes continues to be a preferred retirement and recreational area with-in easy reach of the GTA..

The fall market moves quickly. We get two harried months in September and October before the market slows in November, then dies out almost completely in December.

Finding your ideal retirement or recreational property in the Kawartha Lakes is made easier when you work with a local Realtor who knows the area and knows the market place and trends. This requires the commitment of both the buyer and the buyer’s agent. Finding the perfect Kawartha Lakes home or recreational property is a huge commitment, if you plan on spending 10 to 15 years or longer in the property you buy, then choosing the right buyer’s agent is the place to start.

For additional information about the Kawartha Lakes Real Estate Market place and the advantages of Life in the Kawartha’s contact Brad Nelson – Broker and Kelli Lovell- Sales representative and let’s get started

via Kawartha Lakes Real Estate Market Conditions – BRAD NELSON.

Victoria Place Bobcaygeon Real Estate | Bobcaygeon Real Estate

Bobcaygeon Real Estate - Victoria Place

Victoria Place

Victoria Place, Bobcaygeon is an established residential area comprised of 215 brick homes, with full basements and attached garages. Each home stands on approximately on half an acre, which the homeowner owns outright. Surrounding the groups of homes (and, in some instances, separating lots) are large areas of common land (74 acres) owned by the community as a whole.

Residents of Victoria place share in the exclusive use of numerous recreational facilities including the Clubhouse, tennis court, swimming pool, two beaches, shuffle board courts, regulation size lawn bowling green, and golf driving range. The Victoria Place Clubhouse is for the exclusive use of all property owners for card games, dances, meetings and recreational events. Canada Post mailboxes are located here as well.

via Victoria Place Bobcaygeon Real Estate | Bobcaygeon Real EstateBobcaygeon Real Estate.

On the hunt for Bobcaygeon Waterfront Real Estate? – Just Listed!

Just Listed – Lang’s Trail Waterfront Cottage on Pigeon Lake – Details to follow…..


Parks Canada | Harper Government freezes recreational lockage fees for three years

Trent-Severn Waterway - Burleigh Falls - Lock 28

Lock 28 Burleigh Falls

Harper Government freezes recreational lockage fees for three years

Parks Canada to work with stakeholders to identify long term sustainability solutions for the historic canals

OTTAWA, May 14, 2013 /CNW/ – The Honourable Peter Kent, Canada’s Environment Minister and Minister responsible for Parks Canada, today announced that recreational lockage fees along Canada’s historic canals will remain frozen for the next three years at 2008 levels.

“Since the beginning of our consultation process on canal fees, we have been committed to listening and acting in the best interests of the residents who live, work and visit our canals,” said Minister Kent. “We recognize the importance of canals to Canada’s heritage, the tourism industry and the thousands of people who use them each year. That is why following consultations with Government Members of Caucus who live along the canals, I am pleased to announce that Parks Canada will freeze lockage fees for three years.”

Lock Station on Trent Canal

Lock Station

“During this time, Parks Canada and I will work with local Members of Parliament, community leaders and the tourism industry to develop and implement an improved operating model to ensure the long term financial sustainability of the canals operations. These long term solutions will need to address all aspects of the canals operations.”

As part of the long-term financial sustainability of the canals operations, Parks Canada is already considering new visitor opportunities that will benefit a broad range of canals users, and create new sources of revenue, all while maintaining support for our tourism operators and industry.

SOURCE: Parks Canada

via Parks Canada | Harper Government freezes recreational lockage fees for three years.

City claiming $3.8 million in flood damage | Local | News | The Lindsay Post

KAWARTHA LAKES – The City of Kawartha Lakes has claimed $3.8 million in damages in its application for the Ontario Disaster Relief Assistance Program (ODRAP) .

The application is being filed in hopes of receiving aid from the provincial government in the wake of flooding in a number of areas in the municipality, namely the Burnt River three weeks ago.

City council passed a resolution regarding the application at a special council meeting held on Tuesday, May 7.

Director of corporate services Mary-Anne Dempster said the success of the application hinges directly on whether the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing will declare specified-locations as “disaster areas.”

The city named the Burnt River corridor, Mitchell Lake, Pigeon Lake (including the Pigeon River), Emily Creek, Balsam Lake, Cameron Lake, Sturgeon Lake, the Shadow Lake and Gull River corridor as well as the Black River corridor as the effected areas in the application. Continue reading →

Trent Severn Waterway 2013 Hours of Operation

Trent Canal Swing Bridge Bobcaygeon

Bobcaygeon Swing Bridge and Lock Station 32

2013 Hours of Operation

May 17 to June 20
Monday to Thursday 10:00am – 4:00pm
Friday to Sunday; and Victoria Day 9:00am – 5:00pm

June 21 to Sept 2
Monday to Thursday 9:00am – 5:00pm
Friday to Sunday; and Canada Day, August Civic Holiday and Labour Day 9:00am – 6:00pm

Sept 3 to Oct 14
Monday to Thursday 10:00am – 4:00pm
Friday to Sunday; and Thanksgiving 9:00am–5:00pm

The 2013 season will offer a mobile crew service at the following locations. This service will begin at the beginning of each day. The mobile crew will complete as many lockages as possible within the scheduled hours of operation. Boaters can contact mobile crew staff by telephone upon their on-site arrival to seek the next estimated lockage time.

Bridge 44 and LOCKS 37, 38 AND 39
LOCKS 10 AND 11/12
LOCKS 15 AND 16/17
LOCKS 40, 41 AND Bridge 50


Follow these guidelines to maximize chances of being locked through at the end of the day:

  1. All vessels must arrive at the designated blue zone at least 30 minutes before closing time.
  2. At swing bridges, the last bridge swing will be 20 minutes prior to closing time.

NOTE: station opening and closing times, as well as first and last lockage, are not guaranteed and may be affected by water management duties, maintenance activities or other types of navigation interruptions.

Lock Station 33 Trent Canal Lindsay

Lock 33 Trent Canal Lindsay

Mobile Crews: This is a service that has been utilized on weekdays in the spring and fall at the Trent-Severn Waterway since 1997. In a mobile crew, lock staff travel and conduct lockages at multiple lock stations in a series. Mobile crews will travel with groups of boats within a “grouping”. This has been referred to as “flying crews” or “roaming crews”.

Groupings: This term describes the number of lock and bridge stations that a mobile crew are operating. The largest grouping operated by a single mobile crew will be 3 lock stations. This size grouping has been implemented at the Trent-Severn Waterway since 1997.

Phone Number Service: This is a new service that will be provided for boaters during the 2013 season. Each lock and bridge station that is operated with a mobile crew will have informational signage on the lock station including contact information for the responsible mobile crew. The lock staff will provide estimated lockage times for that boater.

Travel Time: Is the estimated time it will take for a boat to travel through a series of locks. There are two considerations for travel time:

  1. The average time it takes to pass a boat through a lock and;
  2. The boating speed of 10 km/h.

It is important to note that travel time does not factor in potential wait times at the entry points of groupings.

Trent-Severn Waterway - Burleigh Falls - Lock 28

Lock 28 Burleigh Falls

Upon Arrival Lockage: Lockages will occur at most locations on an “upon arrival” basis. This means that lockages will be conducted continually throughout the day by staff stationed at that site.

Mobile crews on the Trent-Severn Waterway were first utilized in 1997. Mobile crews operate multiple lock stations, conducting lockages within a grouping. Each lock station operated by mobile crews will be equipped with a phone number that will connect the boater to the lock staff, in order to be provided with an estimated lockage time.

Trent Canal Lock Station 22 Nassau Mills

Trent Canal Lock Station 22 Nassau Mills

LOCKS 1,2 AND 3 (1 hr 45 mins)
LOCKS 4,5 AND 6 (1 hr 50 mins)
LOCKS 8 AND 9 (1 hour)
LOCKS 10 AND 11/12 (1 hr 25 mins)
LOCKS 13 AND 14 (1 hr 10 mins)
LOCKS 15 AND 16/17 (1 hr 10 Mins)
LOCKS 22 AND 23 (1 hour)
LOCKS 24 AND 25 (1 hour)
Bridge 44 and LOCKS 37, 38 AND 39 (1 hr 45 mins)
LOCKS 40, 41 AND Bridge 50 (1 hr 10 mins)

  • Travel times are calculated with a boat speed of 10 km/hr.
  • Estimated travel times do not reflect possible wait times.
  • Accurate wait times can be provided by lock staff by using the phone number service.

The Kawartha Lakes Cleans up after flood

Pigeon Lake at Walmac Shores Road, South of Bobcaygeon - Hunt for Bobcaygeon Real Estate

Pigeon Lake at Walmac Shores Road, South of Bobcaygeon

Water levels are receding on the lakes in the upper Trent-Severn and property owners are face with clean up after high water levels.

I set out this morning to clean up at the public access spot just off Walmac Shores Road south of Bobcaygeon. Some may recognize this spot from my early post “Hunt for Bobcaygeon Real Estate“.

With the assistance of a friend, we were able to collect a bag of waste and a bag of recycle material which we have disposed of properly.

It was great way to spend a beautiful spring morning in the Kawartha Lakes enjoying the beauty of Pigeon Lake.  We collected $1.30 in returnable bottles and together with the bottles from last week’s clean up on Bass Lake in the Municipality of Trent Lakes (Harvey Township ) we have $1.60 for the donation box at Gamiing Nature Centre.

Pigeon Lake at Walmac Shores Road, South of Bobcaygeon, Hunt for Bobcaygeon Waterfront Real Estate

Fifty Fifty split between “waste” and recyclable material. Plastic water bottles rule the day. The Gamiing Nature Center benefits from the returnables.

Gamiing Nature Centre (pronounced gaa’-min-j) is a nature centre located on the western shore of Pigeon Lake, Ontario, Canada. The word Gamiing is Ojibwa and translates into ‘At the Shore’ and was chosen by Gamiing to honour the land’s first inhabitants and their lakeshore location. The 100 acre property is located in the City of Kawartha Lakes.

Gamiing’s mandate includes education and hands-on demonstrations of ecologically sound practices related to lakes and lakeshores. Gamiing works with individuals, community groups and other interested parties to further understanding of and participation in practices that balance human needs with the needs of wildlife and natural lake ecosystems.

The organization also dedicates itself to conserving wildlife along the shores of Pigeon Lake, and in association with the Trent Severn Waterway, Gamiing helped restore habitat for the threatened Blanding’s turtle.

Gamiing Nature Center a beautiful slice of the Kawartha Lakes, stop in for a visit – locate at  1884 County Road 17.

Living and working in the Kawartha Lakes – it’s more than home – it’s a lifestyle.

P.S. Here’s Your Sign – found during clean up.

Pigeon Lake at Walmac Shores Road, South of Bobcaygeon, Hunt for Bobcaygeon Waterfront Real Estate

Here’s Your Sign!

Welcome to the Lapointes

Come after Breakfast

Bring Your Own Lunch

Leave Before Supper


I have your sign – you might want to make an exception to the house rules. 

Welcome to Bobcaygeon: New docking for boaters

new docking facilities  - lock 32 Bobcaygeon

Bobcaygeon Visitor Information

Sign at bobcaygeon lock 32 boat dockage

Lock 32 Bobcaygeon

new docking facilities  - 0101

Winter Construction of additional boat docking at Lock 32 in Bobcaygeon

Parks Canada and the Trent-Severn waterway with the assistance of their partners, including the Bobcaygeon and Area Chamber of Commerce, Industry Canada, and the Kawartha Lakes Community Futures Development Corporation have co-operated in the establishment of additional transit boat docking at Lock 32 In Bobcaygeon.
The additional dock space allows for 2 hour parking during the day for boaters to stop and enjoy all Bobcaygeon has to offer, and serves as additional overnight space. Either way that is good news for the downtown core.

new docking facilities

Additional transient boat docking spaces made available in Bobcaygeon

new docking facilities  - 0115

Trent-Severn Waterway National Historic Site of Canada

new docking facilities  - 0104

The Locks are located in the Heart of the Villabe

new docking facilities  - 0105

The Trent-Severn Waterway National Historic Site of Canada – Bobcaygeon Lock 32 – The oldest lock station

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