Kawartha Lakes Watershed

Kawartha Lakes Watershed

Kawartha Lakes, Balsam Lake, Cameron Lake, Lake Scugog, Sturgeon lake, Buckhorn lake, Lower Buckhorn Lake, Lovesick Lake, Stony Lake, Lake Katchewanooka, Little Lake

The Kawartha Lakes Watershed Area

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Bobcaygeon Cottages on Hills Road – Pigeon Lake

The Kawartha Lakes includes all lakes upstream of the Otonabee River but downstream of the Haliburton reservoir system.  The Kawartha Lakes have 6 major tributaries which help to maintain the 6’ navigation draught on this portion of the canal throughout the summer months.

Normal water levels on the Burnt River - October 30, 2011

Normal water levels on the Burnt River – October 30, 2011

The most westerly of the Kawartha Lakes is Balsam Lake, the top of the navigable portion of the Trent-Severn Waterway.  From Balsam Lake boaters can either go west to the Kirkfield Lift Lock and downstream to Canal Lake or go east to Rosedale and downstream to Cameron Lake at lock 35.  Balsam Lake is also where the largest tributary of the Kawartha Lakes, the Gull River, enters the system.

Sturgeon Lake - view of Sturgeon Lake

Sturgeon Lake – north shore Kelly’s Bay area

As Mentioned, downstream of Balsam Lake to the east is Cameron Lake and this is where the second largest tributary, the Burnt River, enters the Kawartha Lakes.  Continuing east downstream through Fenelon Falls is Sturgeon Lake.  Sturgeon Lake is significant because of the ability for boaters to either go upstream to Cameron Lake or upstream to Lindsay and Lake Scugog.

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Cameron Lake – from Garnet Graham Park in Fenelon Falls

Continuing downstream through the town of Bobcaygeon the flow of the Kawartha Lakes enters the tri-lakes. Pigeon Lake, Buckhorn Lake, and Chemong Lake are commonly referred to as the tri-lakes because despite having three names they are all on body of water allowing boaters to visit all three lakes.  Pigeon Lake is also where the outlet of Nogies Creek enters the Kawartha Lake.

Fast Moving Water at Burleigh Falls

Fast Moving Water at Burleigh Falls

Downstream of the town of Buckhorn is Lower Buckhorn Lake, commonly referred to as Deer Bay because the bay makes up such a large percentage of the lake.  Continuing east to the smallest lake in the Kawartha Lakes, Lovesick Lake was not originally intended to exist at all.  The dam at the outlet of Lovesick Lake at Burleigh Falls was actually constructed to flood Lovesick Lake to the same elevation as Lower Buckhorn Lake making the two lakes one body of water.

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