The Rice Lake and Trent River Watershed

Rice Lake and the Trent River, Rice Lake, Percy Reach

Rice Lake and the Trent River, Rice Lake, Percy Reach

Rice Lake allows through navigation between Hastings (at its outlet) all the way up to the Otonabee River to Peterborough.  While Rice Lake remains a large body of water within the Trent River basin, it is not drawn down during the winter to mitigate against flooding. Rice Lake typically enjoys moderate water level fluctuations throughout the summer but during extreme spring conditions can experience rather severe flooding.

Because of narrow river sections on approach to Hastings, the volume of water from the Otonabee River is naturally held back, which results in flooding conditions on Rice Lake.  Despite opening the dam completely Rice Lake will still experience flooding because of this constriction.  Similar conditions are experienced along the Trent River downstream of Hastings at Seymour Lake, Percy Reach, and Frankford.

The Crowe River joins the main branch of the Trent River just downstream of Healy Falls at Crowe Bay.  Several other small tributaries join the river between Crowe Bay and Trenton where the mouth of the Trent River enters the Bay of Quinte.

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