Concerned about snow load on your roof?

Cottage Country Connection

 Each month in CONTRACTORS CORNER Colin fields questions from readers about their renovation or home building project. Have a question?  Let him have a swing at it.   NOTE: PLEASE TRY TO GET YOUR QUESTIONS TO COLIN BEFORE THE 15TH OF THE MONTH SO THAT HE CAN MEET HIS DEADLINE.  THANK YOU!

Winter has come with a vengeance this year.  As I was searching for a topic for this month’s article……the phone rang again with another person asking if I thought that their roof might cave in under the snow load.  One person told me that they had called all around to building supply stores and hardware stores etc looking for an answer.  Nobody could tell them if they were safe or not.  Not too surprising that no one would put their neck on the line for that one.  Nor would I.  One lady told me where she…

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