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Green Energy Act the most important issue for rural, small town Ontario

Ottawa Wind Concerns

With a possible provincial election in the spring, and a municipal election in October, this story will be of interest to political hopefuls: the Green Energy Act has been a disaster for rural/small-town Ontario.  While concerns about the GEA were at number one, worries about jobs came in second–we propose that the two are closely linked, as Ontario’s soaring power bills drive businesses away, and make it difficult for businesses to compete. Jobs are being lost, not created.

Wind Turbines a Concern for Rural Ontario

Sunday, January 26, 2014 2:41 PM by Fadi Didi
Bayshore Broadcasting poll reveals listeners and readers worried about Green Energy Act
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Bayshore Broadcasting News asked you what you think the biggest concern is for rural Ontario in 2014, and the Green Energy Act spun out at number…

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Welcome to the new blog of Spotlight Home and Lifestyle!

Fireside Corner • by Michele Kadwell-Chalmers

Cottage Country Connection

Question: I get a lot of charcoal build up in my wood stove & then there’s not enough room to add another load of wood. Help!

Charcoal has heat stored in it so you will want to rake the charcoal to the front of your stove where the air comes into the firebox. This will get the charcoal glowing, then add one piece of split wood & open the air control to high. This technique consumes the coal bed & produces lots of heat. Once this burns down there should be lots of room to add a good load of firewood. If you have a big load of charcoal you may have to repeat this process a couple of times.

If you would like a free copy of Wood Heat Tips, email

Please direct questions by the fifteenth of the month to: or call 705.742.9452  Michele is a…

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Due North Notes

Cottage Country Connection

Unless you have seen a dog trained with an electronic collar it is hard to believe just how fast dogs can be trained. Since time is a big factor in our busy world this form of dog training becomes a very attractive option for many family dogs.

Most people assume that electronic collars are only for problem dogs, but the truth is even the softest dogs can be trained very effectively with an electronic collar. If 100% reliability is also a part of the training requirements that you want for your dog then electronic collars are your very best choice.

Don’t go out and buy the cheapest collar that you can find. There is a huge difference in the quality of the collars that are available. A good electronic collar absolutely MUST be rechargeable. The ones that take batteries don’t last nearly as long as the rechargeable collars. There is…

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Concerned about snow load on your roof?

Cottage Country Connection

 Each month in CONTRACTORS CORNER Colin fields questions from readers about their renovation or home building project. Have a question?  Let him have a swing at it.   NOTE: PLEASE TRY TO GET YOUR QUESTIONS TO COLIN BEFORE THE 15TH OF THE MONTH SO THAT HE CAN MEET HIS DEADLINE.  THANK YOU!

Winter has come with a vengeance this year.  As I was searching for a topic for this month’s article……the phone rang again with another person asking if I thought that their roof might cave in under the snow load.  One person told me that they had called all around to building supply stores and hardware stores etc looking for an answer.  Nobody could tell them if they were safe or not.  Not too surprising that no one would put their neck on the line for that one.  Nor would I.  One lady told me where she…

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