Standing Pilot Light vs Electronic Ignition on Gas Fireplaces

Cottage Country Connection

What are the benefits or disadvantages?

Basically, the standing pilot models have a small pilot flame burning all the time unless you manually turn it off. The electronic ignition or IPI system has the pilot flame burning only when the stove or fireplace is running.

The standing pilot light uses approximately 600 – 800 BTUS of fuel an hour & is burning 24 hours a day. (That would cost about $14 per month on propane & about $5 per month on natural gas)

So it is constantly using a small amount of fuel unless you turn it off. Most people will turn the pilot light off for the summer months unless the fireplace is in the basement. In a basement situation it provides enough heat to take the dampness out even in summer. The standing pilot light will also discourage spiders from making nests in the burner. The standing pilot…

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