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Seller Customer Service Agreement Explained | Kawartha Lakes Real EstateKawartha Lakes Real Estate

Kawartha Lakes Home Sellers e-book Library

Kawartha Lakes Home Sellers e-book Library

Kawartha Lakes Home Sellers e-book Library “What You Need to Know”: – Seller Customer Service Agreement Explained

To enhance your Kawartha Lakes Real Estate selling experience, it’s our job as real estate professionals to provide you with as much valuable information as possible. It is essential that Kawartha Lakes Real Estate sellers be aware of all aspects of the real estate market before making a major decision. We are here to make this process stress-free and rewarding. The Kawartha Lakes Home Seller’s e-book Library is a growing source of “What You Need to Know” articles explain the process and introduces you to the legal forms typically encountered in the sale of your Kawartha Lakes Real Estate.

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What’s New in Dr. Terry’s Zoo?

Cottage Country Connection

December and winter have arrived and before we know it Santa will be at the door.  Our ten best friends have set forth a plethora of requests.  Toadie, our handsome red feline and his sister Mole have requested that Mitzy and Turtle (their arch enemies) be banned from the house to live sequestered in the garage.  Santa said “Mostly no!”  Onion Sauce our portly puss has requisitioned a years supply of turkey flavoured Temptations.  Spinnaker and Chili Pepper, our two bed hog dogs, have petitioned for new down pillows and our best old girl Peppercorn has requested that she always sit up front in the car with her Dad on the way to work.  And the list continues.

On a more serious note Christmas can be a source of problems for our best four-legged friends.  Every holiday unfortunately a number of pets visit the emergency room.  Chocolate is one of…

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In Your Garden – By Victoria Whitney

Cottage Country Connection

Seasonal Arrangements and Winter Arrangements are not the same.  It’s a small difference in wording, but a big difference in purpose, design and longevity of the finished arrangements.

A seasonal arrangement will usually have evergreen branches (pine, cedar, balsam, fir or spruce) as a base but will also sport bows, “bling” and balls or other ornaments.  These arrangements are beautiful and all dressed for the holidays.  While they look lovely for November and December, they are out dated and out of place once the holiday season passes.

Winter arrangements also have a base of evergreen branches but will have more natural accents placed throughout the container.  Red or yellow dogwood is used for height and drama, whereas in a seasonal arrangement the height might be created with sparkly glitter branches.  Seed pods and cones, hydrangea, sedum and sumac make up the bulk of the accents, not glitter balls or metallic…

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Standing Pilot Light vs Electronic Ignition on Gas Fireplaces

Cottage Country Connection

What are the benefits or disadvantages?

Basically, the standing pilot models have a small pilot flame burning all the time unless you manually turn it off. The electronic ignition or IPI system has the pilot flame burning only when the stove or fireplace is running.

The standing pilot light uses approximately 600 – 800 BTUS of fuel an hour & is burning 24 hours a day. (That would cost about $14 per month on propane & about $5 per month on natural gas)

So it is constantly using a small amount of fuel unless you turn it off. Most people will turn the pilot light off for the summer months unless the fireplace is in the basement. In a basement situation it provides enough heat to take the dampness out even in summer. The standing pilot light will also discourage spiders from making nests in the burner. The standing pilot…

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Canada Day Festivities in Bobcaygeon

Bobcaygeon Homes & Real Estate

July 1, 2013 – A full day of fun events in Bobcaygeon, Ontario.

“Kawarthabrad” -Living, working and playing in the Kawarthas – Brad Nelson – Real Estate Broker – Century21 Pinnacle Realty Ltd. – Bobcaygeon, Ontario, The Hub of the Kawarthas and The Trent Lakes.

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