Only Three weeks of Winter?

Cottage Country Connection

I was remembering my Departed Heating Buddy Dan the other day. We were discussing Hot water Heating Systems with  different types of Radiators and the practice of matching High Temperature Boilers (low efficiency) to High Temperature Radiators (Short height base board radiators)and matching  Low Temperature Condensing Boilers (High Efficiency) to low temperature heat emitters (Radiant Floors and Old Cast Iron Radiators) .I Said” Baseboard Radiators need high temperature Boiler water (at Least  130 Degrees F to operate at all and range up 212 Degrees ) to heat a home at Maximum Design Temperature!”(Design Temperature is Temperature difference between Inside a Home and the weather outside, usually 80 degrees F in this area)”High Efficiency Boilers are wasted expense”. So Dan says “How often do you think that Maximum Design Temperature is required here? we really only have three weeks of winter!”. I said “Dan, there are a lot of people that…

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