Getting Rid of the Popcorn ~ By Colin Lewis

Cottage Country Connection

 Each month in CONTRACTORS CORNER Colin fields questions from readers about their renovation or home building project. Have a question?  Let him have a swing at it. 

Question: Dear Colin: We absolutely hate the ceiling in our living room.  We live in a 27 year old house that has sprayed on stucco on the ceiling. We want to end up with a plain flat ceiling.  My husband thinks that because the Christmas tree was able to scrape the stucco off…….then he should be able to do the rest of it no problem.  I think we should simply replace the drywall.  What is your advise?  Signed, Feeling like a new ceiling

Answer:  Dear Ceiling:  What I found funniest about your email was when you used the word “simply” in the same sentence as “replace the drywall”.  So let’s just assume that there is nothing wrong with the ceiling…

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