Cruisefest Bobcaygeon

Cruisefest Bobcaygeon Real Estate

Bobcaygeon Cruisefest

September is a such a lovely month here in the Kawarthas what with the spectacular fall coloring and multitude of small town Fairs. Once again Bobcaygeon played host to “Cruise Fest Bobcaygeon”, an annual event for Vintage Vehicle Enthusiasts from around the block and around the country.

This event was held on September 15’th from 10-4 pm with entry to the event being on a donation basis. The Bobcaygeon Community Center and Fairgrounds is the perfect place for such an event as space is ample and it’s within walking distance from the downtown core, namely Bolton Street.

Cruisefest Bobcaygeon Real Estate

Bobcaygeon Cruisefest

If you’re a budding car buff or suffer from full blown “Gear Head-itis”- it’s the place to be. Locals come out in droves to support this annual event in the Kawarthas and the enthusiasm shown by participants and visitors alike is contagious. There were trucks, cars, vans and even motor homes!

Cruisefest Bobcaygeon Real Estate

Bobcaygeon Cruisefest

Of course you have all of the chrome you could ever want in conjunction with tricked out paint jobs, leather interiors and rumbling engines! These vehicles show pride of ownership in every detail right down to some of the cleanest engine compartments I’ve ever seen.

The owners and their respective family members were more than happy to discuss the history of their vehicles and or their history restoring them. Time and effort invested on every one of these lifetime projects is lovingly shared amongst like minded individuals who’ve also been bitten by the “bug”.

Some of the Golden Oldies were there in the Form of Model “T”s. These vintage ladies were showing off their wooden spoke wheels and running boards. I watched as several owners were cranking over their rides to get into position in the procession for Awards and Trophies.

Cruisefest Bobcaygeon Real Estate

Bobcaygeon Cruisefest

I don’t profess to know anything about Vintage Vehicles other than the fact that I love them in all their shapes and sizes. The more Chrome and glitter the better for me. The louder the “purr” of the motors the more I like it. And don’t get me started on the scent of unburned hydro-carbons…it’s like the old days cruising around with my Dad who owns a 1939 Classic Dodge- 2 door Coupe.

If Vintage and Classic Cars are your thing don’t forget to mark your calendar for next years event. Bobcaygeon is a friendly and not so far away neighbor.

And don’t forget to pop in to our office, we’re right at 42a Bolton Street in Bobcaygeon. Not only will we help you with your Real Estate needs, we’ll keep you updated on local events and happenings in the Kawarthas.

If there’s an upcoming event in the Kawarthas that you would like to get some exposure for, let us know…we’d be happy to visit your community and blog about it and your event! We’ll be at the Bobcaygeon Fair coming to you at the end of September 2013. This fair is billed as the grand daddy of all fairs for the number of years in existance.

Here’s hoping you attend the Fair…and that you were able to attend Cruise Fest last week in Beautiful Bobcaygeon!

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