Ants Can Wreck Your House ~ By Colin Lewis

Cottage Country Connection

Carpenter ants can do a major amount of damage to the structure of your home without you knowing it.  That’s almost true…..but in most cases we tend to ignore annoying little things in our lives until they become bigger problems. Over the years I have seen a few situations where ants have caused serious damage to a home……some of which ended up costing hundreds and in one case, thousands of dollars to repair.  It is not fun being a contractor who has to charge someone any amount of money to do something that does not give them any pleasure or improve the value of their home.  Them telling two friends that I charged them $800 to replace that section of wall, does not do me any good.

To avoid being the person paying out that money, nip the problem before it gets out of hand.  My experience has been that…

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