Remote Collars: Are they Right for your Dog? ~ By Patricia Robertson

Cottage Country Connection

Your dog pulls on a leash and never comes when you call him. You have been to obedience classes and he still pulls on the leash and still runs away when you call him. He is stealing food from the counter and just ate your new shoes. He jumps on the kids knocking them over and if the door is open for a second….he’s gone.

If this sounds like your dog it’s time to consider a remote collar. That great dog that you always wanted could be sitting right there at your feet while you are reading this article. You just need a way to find that wonderful pet. A remote collar can do that.

I know what everyone says…”well it has to hurt the dog if it is going to work…right?” WRONG. The remote collars today are so sensitive that the dog feels something that is more akin to…

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