Garden Care By Victoria Whitney

Cottage Country Connection

Who knows how warm or cool or rainy and cloudy this summer will be?  The weather has not been consistent thus far!  In a normal Southern Ontario summer, the month of July is hot, humid and dry and this can produce difficult conditions for both plants and gardeners.  The plants need special care, and in the heat of the day, gardeners are reluctant to care for them.  For the most part, the best time (for you and your plants) to care for them is in the morning or in the evening.

In the summer thorough watering of your container gardens (window boxes, hanging baskets, patio planters) is fundamental to their success.  To the best of your ability you should avoid cycles of drying out to a stress point (limp foliage and aborted flowers) and flooding with water to revive them.  A pattern of watering each day at the same time will…

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