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Trails Master Plan in the Works!

Cottage Country Connection

 Option 2 - ImageThe Township of Selwyn is in the process of developing a Trail Master Plan and is interested in hearing from community members on their vision for the Township’s trail system including ideas for growth and connectivity.  The goal of the Plan is to provide the Township with a long-range strategy for trails and trail facilities.  The Plan will explore existing and future trails as well as identifying linkages with other trail systems.

 The Township is hosting an Open House in order to better understand the needs and desires of its community. 

The Open House will be held on July 18, 2013 from 6 PM – 8 PM at the Municipal office (1310 Centre Line, Smith Ward). 

Community members are encouraged attend and provide feedback on their vision for the Township’s trail system.  Community members can also provide input by emailing John Sellars, Manager of Parks and Recreation Services at or…

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The Canoe Museum’s Top 10 Must-Read Blogs

The Canadian Canoe Museum's Blog

We have spent enough time blogging that we are starting to feel familiar with the various people and voices floating around out there in the blogosphere. The wonderful thing about the internet is being able to connect with so many paddling and outdoors enthusiasts from around the world (and some in our own backyard). We’re always learning something new.

So without further ado….drumroll please….we present:

The Canoe Museum’s Top Ten Must-Read Blogs of 2013
(…so far, and in no particular order)

1. Exploring Ontario by Canoe

exploring ontario by canoe

For those of you interested in paddling in Ontario this blog is a must-visit! Packed with a cornucopia of tips, tricks, advice, recipes, fun facts, trip planning resources and gear recommendations this blog is a great resource for people interested in exploring Ontario’s abundant waterways and parks.   Check out this latest entry: Top 10 Tips I Forget Not Everyone Knows for some helpful…

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Remote Collars: Are they Right for your Dog? ~ By Patricia Robertson

Cottage Country Connection

Your dog pulls on a leash and never comes when you call him. You have been to obedience classes and he still pulls on the leash and still runs away when you call him. He is stealing food from the counter and just ate your new shoes. He jumps on the kids knocking them over and if the door is open for a second….he’s gone.

If this sounds like your dog it’s time to consider a remote collar. That great dog that you always wanted could be sitting right there at your feet while you are reading this article. You just need a way to find that wonderful pet. A remote collar can do that.

I know what everyone says…”well it has to hurt the dog if it is going to work…right?” WRONG. The remote collars today are so sensitive that the dog feels something that is more akin to…

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Garden Care By Victoria Whitney

Cottage Country Connection

Who knows how warm or cool or rainy and cloudy this summer will be?  The weather has not been consistent thus far!  In a normal Southern Ontario summer, the month of July is hot, humid and dry and this can produce difficult conditions for both plants and gardeners.  The plants need special care, and in the heat of the day, gardeners are reluctant to care for them.  For the most part, the best time (for you and your plants) to care for them is in the morning or in the evening.

In the summer thorough watering of your container gardens (window boxes, hanging baskets, patio planters) is fundamental to their success.  To the best of your ability you should avoid cycles of drying out to a stress point (limp foliage and aborted flowers) and flooding with water to revive them.  A pattern of watering each day at the same time will…

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Canada Day Festivities in Bobcaygeon

July 1, 2013 – A full day of fun events in Bobcaygeon, Ontario.

“Kawarthabrad” -Living, working and playing in the Kawarthas – Brad Nelson – Real Estate Broker – Century21 Pinnacle Realty Ltd. – Bobcaygeon, Ontario, The Hub of the Kawarthas and The Trent Lakes.

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