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MNR online map of Pits & Quarries

Check out Quarries and Pits with the MNR online map

Cavendish Community Centre

The Ministry of Natural Resources have a webpage that is accessible for viewing by the public that shows locations of PITS & QUARRIES across Ontario.

Ministry of Northern Development and Mines webpage that is accessible for viewing by the public that shows MINING CLAIMS across Ontario.

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On the hunt for Bobcaygeon Waterfront Real Estate? – Just Listed!

Just Listed – Lang’s Trail Waterfront Cottage on Pigeon Lake – Details to follow…..


Driftwood Theatre « – upcoming events a settlers village

Driftwood Theatre – August 2, 2013, 7:30pm


(Suggested $15/person)

The great general of the Trojan war, Odysseus, has been missing at sea for twenty years. His wife, the Ithican Queen Penelope, struggles to maintain the safety of her kingdom, her son and herself in the face of an increasingly hostile hoard of suitors. When a stranger arrives offering the fantastical story of her missing husband, does she dare hope that he might still be alive?

This summer, Driftwood Theatre takes you on the greatest journey of love, adventure and the search for home ever told.

For more information on the Driftwood Theatre Group or Baird’s Bus Tour visit their website or call 416-703-2773.

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Greens Lake Cottage for sale – Video

Greens Lake, Municipality of Trent Lakes, Crown Land, Waterfront

Greens Lake, Municipality of Trent Lakes, Crown Land, Waterfront

Greens Lake is a “stand-a-lone” or “land locked” lake, a large portion of which is surrounded by Crown Land, and, fewer than 70 cottages on the lake. Situated in the newly renamed Municipality of Trent Lakes, Peterborough County, 20 km south of Gooderham, 30 km to Buckhorn and 40 km to Bobcaygeon you are never far from a farmers market or an evening in town.

The scenic Kawartha Highlands Provincial Park is nearby. Numerous access points are close, it is an outdoor lovers paradise. Situated along the southern edge of the Canadian Shield, this relatively undeveloped area features a rugged rolling landscape of small lakes, wetlands, forests and rocky barrens.

Elements of an Offer Explained

Elements of an Offer Explained

There are six key components to the elements of an offer. They are: Price Depending on the local market conditions and information provided by your Real Estate Professional, the price you offer may be different from the seller’s listed price. It can often take some negotiation to come up with a price that you and the seller are happy with. Deposit Your deposit shows good faith and will be applied against the purchase of the home when the sale closes. Your Real Estate Professional can advise you on an appropriate amount. Terms Includes the total price offered and the financing details. You can arrange your own financing or ask to assume the seller’s mortgage, especially if it has an attractive interest rate. Conditions A condition is a term or requirement stated in the purchase agreement, which must be met to fulfill to sale of the home. These might include “subject to home inspection”, “subject to you obtaining financing”, or “subject to you selling your property”. Inclusions and Exclusions This section includes a list of items that will be included as a part of the home. These might include appliances and certain fixtures or decorative items, such as window coverings or mirrors. These items would remain in the house. If you see something in a home that you really like, make sure you add it to the inclusion section of the  Purchase and Sale Agreement. If you’re the seller and there are items you don’t want included in the sale of your home, make sure you add it to the exclusions. Closing or Possession Date Generally, the day the title of the property is legally transferred and the transaction of funds finalized. via Elements of an Offer Explained – Blog –

Top 10 tips for downsizing – Style At Home

Search kawartha lakes propertiesCut out the unnecessary before you move to a smaller home.

Whether you’re an empty nester moving from a house into a condo, or a renter trading in a two-bedroom for a studio, you’ll have to say sayonara to some of your stuff. Stressed out by the prospect? Don’t be. Sarah Moyse and Jennie Davidson, Toronto-based moving planners and owners of Wren Designs, offer 10 tips designed to make downsizing a snap!

1. Write a list of all the items you love and can’t live without; it will help you bid adieu to things that didn’t make the list. “It’s hard to persuade people they can’t take everything with them,” Sarah says. “But by keeping what’s on your wish list, you won’t be upset about the things you can’t keep.”

2. Start thinning out your belongings at least three months before the move. Take some time each day, or one morning each week, to go through that jammed coat closet or overflowing filing cabinet. “Paper is the real killer,” Jennie says, so tackle it one box at a time. The same goes for photos, which require a lot of attention.

3. Get a feel for the size of your new rooms by comparing them to rooms of similar dimensions in your present home. For instance, your living-room-to-be might be roughly the same size as your current bedroom. You may think you can squeeze in two sofas, but this kind of reality check could help you realize that only one will fit comfortably.

4. Heavily edit areas with items that don’t have as much sentimental value. Take the kitchen, for example; most people don’t need 10 mixing bowls and won’t get teary-eyed over losing a second spatula. If you’re downsizing from a house to a condo, target the garage. Snow shovels, the lawn mower, ladders – you won’t need any of them.

5. Don’t throw anything in the garbage. Recycle, reuse, sell and donate instead. As tempting and easy as it is to pitch wire hangers, musty clothes and shabby furnishings, be environmentally responsible and find a home for everything. A can of Comet with a few shakes of powder left could make someone else’s sink sparkle if you don’t want it; consider giving supplies to a shelter, neighbour or cleaning lady.

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7 Overlooked items to check before buying that house!

Search kawartha lakes properties

7 Overlooked items to check before buying that house!

Buying a home this year? The place where you set down roots should be a respite from the world. It should be calm, relaxing, stress-free, and exciting.  Here are some often forgotten features to look into before you sign on the dotted line:

1. Visit the would-be home at several times of day. Things appear differently with a new light shone on them. Suddenly, those oak cabinets are peach-coloured and replacing them is a potential expense you didn’t know you had.

2. Is the home tech-friendly?

How annoying would it be if you didn’t have cell or data reception in your own home? Some communities still don’t have access to fast home internet services. Older homes may have limited wiring. If you have gadgets, make sure you’ll be able to use them.

3. Turn on the shower, and flush the toilets.

Low water pressure could be a deal breaker, and loud pipes in bedroom walls could keep you up at night.

4. Explore the neighborhood.

Go for a drive or take the dog for a walk. If you feel uncomfortable – it’s not the place for you.

5. Do your research.

Are you in a flood zone? Protected lands? Check the property and area for anything that could end up costing more than anticipated.

6.  Don’t let the little things deter you.

Perhaps you don’t like tray ceilings.  Is the shade of wood in the kitchen looking dated? Is the paint colour questionable?  Focus on the bones of the house and the location, everything else can be changed.

7. Look into community events.

If you live next door to a park that holds week long festivals every year, you’d better enjoy the music or the location could get stale sooner than your 10 year plan.  In contrast, if your community doesn’t have access to activities you enjoy, it could bore you into moving before your time.

Posted by Rose Sicoli on June 5, 2013

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Top 7 Reasons to Use a Buyer’s Agent When Purchasing Your KAWARTHA LAKES Real Estate – Blog – Brad Nelson

Bobcaygeon Real Estate - buyers agent

Top 7 Reasons to Use a Buyer’s Agent When Purchasing Your KAWARTHA LAKES Real Estate

Purchasing a home or vacation property in the Kawartha Lakes is a big step, and a big decision. The average person spends around 1/3 of their income on their home. The home that you choose has a big impact on your life, and can have a big impact on your finances, as well. It always surprises me when Buyers attempt to “go at it alone” because of the possibility of mistakes. A good Buyer’s Agent is invaluable to a Buyer, and can be the difference between a wonderful transaction, and a nightmare.

1) Full Access to the MLS The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is a powerful tool that only Realtors have access to. When listing agents market a home for sale, they typically allow any Realtor to present the home to potential buyers, and to present contracts for purchase. The MLS is a database of all homes listed by Realtors, and represents roughly 99% of the homes for sale in any given market. As technology advances, so does the MLS. It has evolved into an extremely powerful search engine that allows your buyer’s agent to enter in search criteria, and returns only homes that match those specific parameters. Buyers can find a lot of this information online through IDX feeds available on many websites, but this information is a “watered down” version of the MLS because the IDX search engines aren’t quite as powerful, and don’t return as detailed profiles as the - Search for Kawartha Lakes Real Estate

2) Maximize Your Time While driving neighborhoods is an excellent idea to help you decide which locations you prefer, it’s not a very efficient way to find your new home. Gas is expensive, and your time is valuable. Your Buyer’s Agent will listen to your needs, make fantastic suggestions based on your likes & dislikes, and provide you with a list of homes that ALL match your wants & needs. Your Buyer’s Agent has helped MANY new homebuyers through MANY purchases, and will help you better organize your search & decision making process – saving you valuable time.

3) Representation Listing Agents enter into legally binding agreements that require them to ALWAYS act in the best interest of the seller. They are the seller’s “coach” and will make sure that their clients’ best interests are looked after. Luckily, your Buyer’s Agent is there to make sure YOUR best interests are accounted for. With your expert Buyer’s Agent in your corner, you can rest assured that you’re on, at least, even ground with the home seller. A football team would be at a pretty significant disadvantage without a coach – just as you would be without a Buyer’s Agent.

4) Negotiating Power The MLS maintains a record of, not only all homes listed by Realtors in a given market, but also the sales price of those homes. Your Buyer’s Agent will run a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) to determine a prospective home’s Fair Market Value (FMV). In simpler terms, your Realtor will look at similar homes in the same neighborhood that have sold recently. This way, you will know whether or not the seller has their home priced fairly. If the home is priced over Fair Market Value, your Buyer’s Agent can present your “under asking price” offer with plenty of firepower – and a greater chance that the offer will be accepted.

5) Experience The average person buys 3-5 homes in their lifetime. A good Buyer’s Agent will assist in 3-5 home purchases every month. What might seem complicated and intimidating to you is fairly common and familiar to your Realtor. Your Buyer’s Agent will know what to expect, and will know when to alert you if anything out of the ordinary occurs.

6) Industry Contacts It takes a lot of people to close a real estate transaction – Buyer’s Agent, Listing Agent, Loan Officer, Inspector, Appraiser, Insurance Agent, General Contractors, and sometimes more! A good agent will come with a strong closing team that has performed in the past, and will continue to perform. A transaction is only as strong as its weakest link – with your strong Buyer’s Agent & their closing team, you can rest assured that you will have plenty of support.

Search kawartha lakes properties7) Piece of Mind If you are like most people, your home is the largest purchase you will ever make. The average person spends around 1/3 of their total monthly income on their home. This is a big decision and you don’t want to go at it alone. When you use a trusted Buyer’s Agent, you know that your best interests are accounted for, and that you can feel confident in your purchase. Purchasing a home can be a fun and exciting process. However, the home buying process can be intimidating, and mistakes are possible. A Realtor who specializes in working with Buyers can help alleviate the fears & possibilities for mistakes. Make sure and use a Buyer’s Agent on any real estate transaction, and you will help ensure that you are making the right decisions.

Posted by Brad Nelson on June 10, 2013

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Buying Real Estate in the Kawarthas – 2. Decide what you want to buy

2. Decide what you want to buy

moving to the kawarthas - real estate kawartha lakesNowadays, there are many different types of homes to choose from. And there are pros and cons to each. Take a minute to reflect on your lifestyle and based on that, decide what best fits you. To help, we’ve broken down the most popular housing options here.

First, decide where you want to live

Ahh, the big city. Sure the prices are generally higher, but you can walk to a restaurant, maybe even to work. You’ll also have the widest range of housing options.

Newer schools, newer shopping centres, bigger yards, bigger homes, no wonder so many people love the suburbs.
Smaller Cities and Towns
Canada is dotted with thousands of wonderful self-contained communities, and compared to the big city, you can save a bundle.

Country living near bobcaygeonRural
If you like the idea of owning land, how about a few acres all to yourself? Seclusion is not for everybody, but for some, it’s heaven.
Next, decide what type of home you want
By now, you probably have a good idea of what type of home is right for you. To familiarize yourself with the terminology, here’s a quick overview:

Single-family detached:
As the name implies, the home is not attached to the home next door. Styles range from a single-story suburban bungalow, to a three-story Victorian.

Semi-detached or linked:
Two houses that share a common wall. Usually less money than a fully detached home.

A building zoned for two families.

Town house:
Also known as terrace or row housing. Several homes with a common style and joined in a row. They usually share walls on both sides.

The condo alternative
How Condos are owned
You’ll own 100% of your unit, and a share of the common areas. Common areas include the necessary plumbing, electrical systems, hallways and elevators. They may also include lots of fun stuff like a private gym or party room.

Condo fees. Membership has privileges — and costs
On top of your mortgage and property taxes, condo owners also pay a monthly fee to operate and maintain the common areas. Be sure to look into condo fees, and how well they’re managed, before signing anything.

bobcaygeon - find a real estate agentNew or resale?

Resale. Previously loved
Nothing can match the charm and character of an older home. As a bonus, the previous owner may have made improvements and upgrades and you get them with the house, usually for less than the cost of putting them in yourself. However, some may have a little too much ‘character’, like a leaky roof. Know what you’re getting into.

Ahh… that new house smell
If you’re having a new home built from the bottom up, carefully examine the property, the blueprints and visit other homes built by the same company. Have your REALTOR® and/or lawyer review everything before you sign. While your home is being built, stay on top of the process. And remember, you have a legal right to make a full inspection of the house before you accept it as complete.

Buying real estate in the Kawarthas – 1. Make sure you’re ready to buy

selling real estate kawartha lakes1. Make sure you’re ready to buy

If you’re thinking of buying a home, 2nd home, cottage or vacation property in the Kawartha Lakes, you’ve come to the right place. With my personal knowledge  of the local market and the power of  the Coldwell Banker R.M.R. brand on your team, your hunt for Kawartha Lakes real estate will be a smooth and trouble free experience.

But before we jump right in, you have to make sure three things are ready: you, your bank account, and the real estate market.

Are you ready? Be sure

Few joys can match the pride of owning the roof over your head, but you will have to make some sacrifices. There’s the obvious financial responsibility, but your home will also require constant care. That’s what real pride of ownership is all about.

trent canal at bobcaygeon

Lock 32 docking on Pigeon lake side.

Is your bank account ready? Check it twice

Your first home will be the biggest financial obligation you’ve ever faced. You should ideally have saved up some money for a down payment and are managing any debts like student loans or credit cards. In a couple steps you can determine how much you can afford.

Is right now a good time to buy?

Markets go up, markets go down and even the smartest experts can’t accurately predict when a market will peak or bottom out. If you’re buying a home as a long-term investment (and for long-term enjoyment), you should be protected from short-term changes in the market. Pick a home that meets the needs of you and your family. Then you’ll enjoy living in your investment as it grows in value.

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