The Kawartha Lakes Cleans up after flood

Pigeon Lake at Walmac Shores Road, South of Bobcaygeon - Hunt for Bobcaygeon Real Estate

Pigeon Lake at Walmac Shores Road, South of Bobcaygeon

Water levels are receding on the lakes in the upper Trent-Severn and property owners are face with clean up after high water levels.

I set out this morning to clean up at the public access spot just off Walmac Shores Road south of Bobcaygeon. Some may recognize this spot from my early post “Hunt for Bobcaygeon Real Estate“.

With the assistance of a friend, we were able to collect a bag of waste and a bag of recycle material which we have disposed of properly.

It was great way to spend a beautiful spring morning in the Kawartha Lakes enjoying the beauty of Pigeon Lake.  We collected $1.30 in returnable bottles and together with the bottles from last week’s clean up on Bass Lake in the Municipality of Trent Lakes (Harvey Township ) we have $1.60 for the donation box at Gamiing Nature Centre.

Pigeon Lake at Walmac Shores Road, South of Bobcaygeon, Hunt for Bobcaygeon Waterfront Real Estate

Fifty Fifty split between “waste” and recyclable material. Plastic water bottles rule the day. The Gamiing Nature Center benefits from the returnables.

Gamiing Nature Centre (pronounced gaa’-min-j) is a nature centre located on the western shore of Pigeon Lake, Ontario, Canada. The word Gamiing is Ojibwa and translates into ‘At the Shore’ and was chosen by Gamiing to honour the land’s first inhabitants and their lakeshore location. The 100 acre property is located in the City of Kawartha Lakes.

Gamiing’s mandate includes education and hands-on demonstrations of ecologically sound practices related to lakes and lakeshores. Gamiing works with individuals, community groups and other interested parties to further understanding of and participation in practices that balance human needs with the needs of wildlife and natural lake ecosystems.

The organization also dedicates itself to conserving wildlife along the shores of Pigeon Lake, and in association with the Trent Severn Waterway, Gamiing helped restore habitat for the threatened Blanding’s turtle.

Gamiing Nature Center a beautiful slice of the Kawartha Lakes, stop in for a visit – locate at  1884 County Road 17.

Living and working in the Kawartha Lakes – it’s more than home – it’s a lifestyle.

P.S. Here’s Your Sign – found during clean up.

Pigeon Lake at Walmac Shores Road, South of Bobcaygeon, Hunt for Bobcaygeon Waterfront Real Estate

Here’s Your Sign!

Welcome to the Lapointes

Come after Breakfast

Bring Your Own Lunch

Leave Before Supper


I have your sign – you might want to make an exception to the house rules. 

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